Excalibur Phoenix CrossbowEach and every hunter who makes use of a crossbow has their own opinion on which crossbow is the best in the market. There are some factors that must be considered when buying a crossbow and some of these factors are accuracy, quickness as well as the simplicity. In addition, the size as well as the engineering also plays a part of what makes a good crossbow. You can find expert crossbow reviews by clicking here. There you can find in-depth reviews of most crossbows on the market today.

Best Bow in the Market

A lot of hunters have often said that the Excalibur Phoenix is considered as the best crossbow for hunting. This type of crossbow is mainly preferred by many due to its accuracy. Given the distance of 25 yards, it is possible for any hunter to make use of the Excalibur Phoenix in putting three shots right in the same hole and with the same target.


Aside from providing unmatched accuracy, the Excalibur Phoenix is also known for being easy to maintain. This is ideal for those who want to do a year round shooting. If you are not getting the performance that you want or the kind of performance that you are used to for your bow, then you must replace the string. As soon as this is done, the crossbow must then be ready to shoot some more.


There are several different brands and models of crossbows now aside from the Excalibur Phoenix. In fact, some hunters will prefer another brand, such as the TenPoint crossbow. According to some hunters, the TenPoint crossbow is more reliable as compared to the Excalibur Phoenix. But if you are using bolts that were supplied by the manufacturers of the crossbows themselves, the accuracy of the Excalibur Phoenix TenPoint is pretty much the same.


Now that you know some of the best brands of crossbows in the market, let us talk a bit of history about crossbows. Crossbows have been in use in Europe as early as the 1400. The use of crossbows has also played an important role in North Africa and in Asia. Since the crossbows are made out of a bow that is mounted in a stock, it gives users the ability to be able to shoot arrows quite efficiently and effectively without having to worry about fatigue when it comes to pulling the string back in order to launch the projectile, similar to traditional bows. The crossbow makes use of a trigger system that helps to make shooting the arrow even easier. Thus, crossbows are typically used for hunting.

Theories and Speculation

Each and every hunter that makes use of a crossbow will often tell you that a certain brand is better than the other. The best way to know which crossbow is truly the best is to do a bit of research. You just have to consider the things that you value the most in a crossbow and ask for different opinions from other hunters before you make any decision.

The Excalibur Phoenix is a brand that is worth checking out. In fact, if you read reviews from other users online, you will find that most of them are satisfied with how this crossbow works.

Barnett Wildcat C5Just like with buying any kind of sports equipment, it is absolutely important that you consider a lot of things when buying crossbows. There are several different brands and models of crossbows that you can find in the market now and if you are not familiar with any of them, choosing the best one can be a bit daunting. So here are the factors that you must consider when it comes to shopping for the best crossbows to buy.


The price of the crossbow would greatly vary. Do not be surprised to see a hunting crossbow that sells for as much as $2,000. Remember that the price will depend on different factors, such as the make, model, style, construction, accessories, weight, safety features, as well as the materials used to manufacture the crossbow.
The number of choices available for crossbows might be intimidating at first but make sure that you stick within your budget and do not spend more than what you can afford. Price is definitely an important factor in determining the overall quality, performance and durability of the crossbow. Of course, just like with everything else, you will surely get what you pay for.

Distance and Speed

There is a direct correlation in between the distance and speed of the crossbow and it is the bow speed that is equivalent to the distance. Some states often have regulations on the maximum FPS or Feet per Second, for the use of the crossbow. This regulation can also affect how the crossbows can be used by the children. Crossbows for kids are often lighter and are more compact. You have to make sure that you check with your state for the complete details on the laws and regulations when it comes to the use of the crossbows.


There are two styles of crossbows that you will encounter when looking for crossbows to buy. First is the re-curve and another is compound. Both the re-curve and the compound are similar except that the compound has much smaller limbs that allows for it to be carried well easily. It also makes shooting in small areas to become so much easier.

Material Construction

Some of the crossbows come with molded plastic stocks and others are made of resin coated plywood and laminates. The disadvantage of the plastic is that it is so much lighter but it also gives off more vibration and shock as soon as it is shot.


Just like with other types of weapon, the crossbows should have safety features for protection. Some of the higher end crossbows will come with dual safety features. Just make sure to test it out and see how loud it will turn out as soon as you switch it on and off in order for it not to frighten away your target. Another great feature is the anti dry fire which is important in preventing accidental release that can cut a finger or cause damage on the bow.
Buying a crossbow that comes in a package is a good idea as it comes complete with everything and so you will end up saving a lot of money.

Shooting with a crossbowCrossbow hunting is a great sport. Over the last few years, several states have altered their laws on this sport such as allowing archers to hunt with a crossbow and making it easier for an archer to be able to obtain a hunting permit. Whether you are new to this sport or perhaps you have been doing this for several years now, learning some tips on how to achieve better accuracy can help you to achieve success in crossbow shooting.

Shorten the Cocking Rope

Factory cocking ropes are made specifically for knuckle draggers. But for average shooters, the cocking ropes are simply just too long. Attempting to cock a crossbow using a factory cocking device will put you at serious risk of shoulder injury and you could end up cocking the bow crooked. Thus, always make sure that you adjust the length of your rope, in order for it to match well with your cocking stroke.

Mark Your String

Some crossbow enthusiasts are aware of just how easy it is to getting a crossbow string to cock in “off-center”. The uneven lengths of the rope that are on any side of the arrow track will make the string to be latched off kilter right in the trigger system. As soon as this happens, the arrow will not be pushed off from the bow in a uniform manner and will result to a horrible arrow flight.

In order to ensure that you are able to cock your crossbow straight, make sure that you mark each side of the serving if the bow is at rest. As soon as it’s cocked, check your marks to ensure that the string is equidistance away from the arrow track in both sides. For if it’s not, un-cock it in a safe manner and you need to cock it once again.

Mark Your Cocking Rope

Place a line right in the middle of the cocking rope. Then line the center of the rope up using the center seam right in the stock or in whatever anchor point that you have established for the rope cocker. This will ensure that you start with the rope in the middle and it helps to minimize crooked cocking.

Use a Rest

Rifle hunters are often taught how to use a rest as much as possible when it comes to shooting for the best accuracy. It is also more important that the crossbow hunter will do the same for even the fastest crossbows can shoot at only 1/10 of the speed of a hunting rifle. This will mean that the bolt will be affected in about ten times as much by the movement of the crossbow during the shot as that of the bullet as well.

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow PackageIf you are very much familiar with hunting crossbows, then you have probably encountered the Barnett Quad 400. Barnett is known for manufacturing the best sporting equipments in the market, including crossbows. Aside from being lightweight, the Barnett crossbow is also packed with so much power and thus, you can guarantee excellent performance for this crossbow. More and more hunters and sports enthusiasts will actually choose Barnett for their crossbow.

Great Features

Known for its excellent power and great firing accuracy, the Barnett Quad 400 is a great weapon to use for hunting. The great thing about this crossbow is that it has gas assist stock that is high in density. The Barnett Quad 400 is the only crossbow in the market that is very much particular with features. Its composite stock is lighter and thus, it is more comfortable for longer use. Because of this, the bow is lighter and much stronger, making it a great force to reckon with.

Cheek Piece and Slot

The Barnett Quad 400 contains a cocking device that’s attached and integrated on the mechanism of the crossbow. It also comes with a cheek piece that keeps the attachment hidden, making this model sleek and much easier to handle.
One of the great improvements that have been made for the Quad 400 is that it includes a slot to give you a much better grip. The slots will not only add accuracy to your shots, but it also helps to make shooting to become even more comfortable while holding the bow for a much longer time.

Power Stroke

Barnett Quad 400The Quad 400 also comes with a power stroke that is about 15.5 inches in length. Another great thing about the crossbow is that it includes a parallel limb design that helps you to achieve a firing velocity of about 345 feet for every second. Having a draw weight of 150 pounds, the Barnett Quad 400 is capable of letting off 112 foot pound energy.

In addition, the crossbow is attached with a lightweight quiver that can be detached off easily. It can be hooked just below the limb that will allow you to reload it fast enough. The Barnett Quad 400 is well capable of holding about four arrows which is certainly an efficient feature.

The Barnett Quad 400 also comes with user manual that features clear and detailed instructions so you will not have a hard time in putting the bow altogether for the first time.